PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2014

Draw and Results

The fourth PDC Unicorn Youth World Championship will be played on 5. April 2014 in Reading. 64 young players will take part and will play the tournament to the final. The final itself will be played on 22. May 2014 during the Play-offs of the Premier League in the O2 Arena in London. It will be televised live on Sky Sport.
Beside 14 national qualifiers the top 50 of the PDC Youth Tour Order of Merit will take part. The Top 8 are seeded.


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  • First Round
Adam Hunt6:1Aden Kirk
Shaun Littler6:2Lewis Hackett
Sam Hill6:5ADam Smith-Neale
Kevin Voornhout6:4Sion Thomas
Ryan de Vreede6:5Max Hopp
James Young6:5Stephen Lennon
Robbie King 6:2Jake Jones
Keegan Brown6:2Shaun Lovett
Dirk Van Duijvenbode6:4Samuel Fuller
Arron Fairweather6:1Fredi Gsellmann
Brandon Walsh6:4Sean Ryan
George Killington6:4Ryan Hogarth
Josh Payne6:4MAtthew Dicken
Tyson Hoefel6:0Vincenzo Masciarelli
Jack Twedell6:5Aaron Knox
Shaun Narain6:3Dan Dean
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:1John Seagrave
Tom Sykes6:4Eric Pedley
Jake Patchett6:0Amit Gilitwala
Ben Songhurst6:4Dan Read
Jimmy Handriks6:4Benito van de Pas
Rees Hall 6:5Antony West
Dean Reynolds6:2Lee Whitworth
Mike Zuydwijk6:3Dan Lauby II
Martin Schindler6:1Curtis Turner
Dimitri van den Bergh6:5Paddy MEany
Nichiolas Day6:2Sam Haead
Kurt Parry6:2Andrew Ryan
Lewis Venes6:5DEan Finn
Justin Webers6:5John de Kruijf
Cain Unwin6:5James Thompson
Reece Robinson6:3Rhys Hayden

  • Second Round
Adam Hunt6:3Shaun Litter
Kevin Voornhout6:2Sam Hill
Ryan de Vreede6:5James Young
Keegan Brwon6:0Robbie King
Dirk van Duijvenbode6:1Arron Fairweather
Brandon Walsh6:4George Killington
Josh Payne6:2Tyson Hoefel
Jack Tweddell6:2Shaun Narain
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:0Tom Sykes
Ben Songhurst6:5Jake Patchett
Jimmy Hendriks6:2Rees Hall
Dean Reynolds6:5Mike Zuydwijk
Reece Robinson6:4Martin Schindler
Dimtitri van den Bergh6:1Nicholas Day
Kurt Parry 6:1Lewis Venes
Cain Unwin6:1Justin Webers

  • Third Round
Adam Hunt6:4Kevin Voornhout
Keegan Brown6:2Ryan de Vreede
Dirk van Duijvenbode6:1Brandon Walsh
Jack Tweddell6:4Josh Payne
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:3Ben Songhurst
Dean Reynolds6:3Jimmy Hendriks
Reece Robinson6:3Dimitri van den Bergh
Kurt Parry6:4Cain Unwin

  • Quarterfinals
Keegan Brown6:3Adam Hunt
Dirk van Duijvenbode6:5Jack Tweddell
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:2Dean Reynolds
Kurt Parry6:3Reece Robinson

  • Semifinals
Keegan Brown6:2Dirk van Duijvenbode
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:3Kurt Parry

  • Final
Keegan Brown6:4Rowby-John Rodriguez

The final will be played during the Premier League Play-offs on the stage of the O2 in London


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Youth Tour Order of Merit
Top 48 of the Youth Tour Order of Merit + ties
Adam Hunt (seed 1)
Rowby-John Rodriguez (seed 2)
Kurt Parry (seed 3)
Josh Payne (seed 4)
Dirk van Duijvenbode (seed 5)
Reece Robinson (seed 6)
Benito van de Pas(seed 7)
Max Hopp(seed 8)
Ryan De Vreede
Sam Hewson
Samuel Head
Dimitri Van Den Bergh
Jake Patchett
Keegan Brown
John De Kruijf
Tom Sykes
Dan Dean
Shaun Littler
Brandon Walsh
Arron Fairweather
Rhys Hayden
Ryan Hogarth
Aden Kirk
Lewis Venes
Sam Hill
James Thompson
Kevin Voornhout
Ben Songhurst
Nicholas Day
Jimmy Hendriks
George Killington
Paddy Meaney
Adam Smith-Neale
Curtis Turner
Lee Whitworth
Dean Finn
Shaun Lovett
Sean Ryan
John Seagrave
Sion Thomas
Dan Read
Anthony West
James Young
Lewis Hackett
Matthew Dicken
Jack Tweddell
Conor Mayes
Samuel Fuller
Jake Jones
Sergio Garcia

Confirmed International Qualifiers
Dan Lauby II

Shaun Narain

Robbie King
Tyson Hoefel

Eric Pedley
Amit Gilitwala
Stephen Lennon
Andrew Ryan

Aaron Knox

Austria and Eastern Europe
Fredi Gsellmann

Justin Webers
Martin Schindler

Mike Zudwijk

Vincenzo Masciarelli

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