PDC World Championship - Competition

And once again - The PDC World Championship Competition!

As a price for our PDC World Championship competition we offer one year of free membership in the Darts Performance Centre and a set Performance Darts.

To win you should answer the following questions:
Who will be the four semifinalsists of the PDC World Championship 2015?
Who will be the two finalists?
Who will be the PDC World Champion 2015?

As there are always several responses which get the same number of points here this year's tiebreaker which you please answer together with the other questions: How many 180s will be thrown during this World Championship?

To answer the questions you have time till the end of the first round. So you will be able to get an impression in which form all the players are.
Please send you answers here: competition

1. One entry per person.
2. For every player under the last four you picked right you'll get two points, for every right finalist you'll get four points and for the right new champion you'll get eight points.
3. The entrant with the most points at the end of the contest wins. The second will get OUTSHOTS' Darts Checkout Combination Cards and the third will get a consolation prize.
4. Should there be more then one participant with the same number of points a tiebraker will decide the winner.
5. All entries are due to Tuesday, 23. December when all first round matches are played.

Have fun and good luck!!!

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