European Tour 10 - German Darts Championship

The German Darts Championship is part of the PDC European Tour and will be played in Hildesheim.

Tournament Information
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The tournament is streamed live on: PDC Pay Stream

Friday, 14. OctoberFirst Round
Saturday, 15. OctoberSecond Round
Sunday, 16. OctoberThird Round, Quarterfinals, Semi-finals, Final

  • Friday, 14. October - First Round, Qualifiers only

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Andy Boulton3:6Scott Taylor
Micky Mansell5:6Justin Pipe
Janos Vegsö1:6Darren Johnson
Ron Meulenkamp6:3Marko Puls
David Pallett6:3Brendan Dolan
Robbie Green6:2Christian Kist
Mike Holz3:6Eddie Dootson
Peter Hudson6:5Vincent van der Voort

Steve West6:0Tony West
Mark Webster6:2Mervyn King
Chris Dobey2:6Ted Evetts
Cristo Reyes6:5Mark Walsh
Andy Smith6:2Stefan Stoyke
Rowby-John Rodriguez6:2Kyle Anderson
Kevin Painter6:3Yordi Meeuwisse
Steve Hine5:6Robert Allenstein

  • Saturday, 15. October - Second Round, Top 16 v Qualifiers

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Gerwyn Price5:6David Pallett
Daryl Gurney6:2Ron Meulenkamp
Alan Norris6:1Scott Taylor
Simon Whitlock1:6Justin Pipe
Stephen Bunting2:6Steve West
Terry Jenkins6:5Andy Smith
Benito van de Pas2:6Cristo Reyes
Ian White6:5Kevin Painter

Dave Chisnall6:0Peter Hudson
Michael Smith3:6Mark Webster
Joe Cullen6:1Robert Allenstein
Mensur Suljovic6:1Darren Johnson
Jelle Klaasen6:4Rowby-John Rodriguez
Peter Wright6:1Eddie Dootson
Michael van Gerwen6:4Robbie Green
Kim Huybrechts6:4Ted Evetts

  • Sunday, 16. October - Third Round to Final

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Afternoon, Round Three
Dave Chisnall6:3Justin Pipe
Mark Webster6:5Terry Jenkins
Cristo Reyes6:2Jelle Klaasen
Peter Wright3:6Jo Cullen
Ian White4:6Alan Norris
Kim Huybrechts5:6Steve West
Mensur Suljovic6:4David Palett
Michael van Gerwen4:6Daryl Gurney

Evening, Quarterfinals
Dave ChisnallvMark Webster
Jelle KlaasenvJoe cullen
Alan NorrisvSteve West
Mensur SuljovicvDaryl Gurney

Evening, Semi-Finals
Dave Chisnall4:6Jelle Klaasen
Alan Norris6:5Mensur Suljovic

Evening, Final
Alan Norris6:5Jelle Klaasen

  • Participants

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Top 16 Pro Tour Order of Merit
1Michael van Gerwen
2Peter Wright
3Dave Chisnall
4Ian White
5Kim Huybrechts
6Michael Smith
7Benito van de Pas
8Mensur Suljovic
9Gerwyn Price
10Jelle Klaasen
11Terry Jenkins
12Stephen Bunting
13Alan Norris
14Simon Whitlock
15Joe Cullen
16Daryl Gurney

UK Qualifier, 20 places
5. August, Barnsley
1Mervyn King
2Mickey Mansell
3Mark Walsh
4Justin Pipe
5Andy Boulton
6Mark Webster
7Kyle Anderson
8Andy Smith
9Robbie Green
10Brendan Dolan
11Kevin Painter
12Eddie Dootson
13Darren Johnson
14Ted Evetts
15Steve West
16Chris Dobey
17Scott Taylor
18David Pallett
19Peter Hudson
20Steve Hine

European Qualifier
8 Places, 15. September, Sindelfingen
1Ron Meulenkamp
2Cristo Reyes
3Janos Vegsö
4Yordi Meeuwisse
5Vincent van der Voort
6Rowby-John Rodriguez
7Tony West
8Christian Kist

Host Nation Qualifier
4 Places, 13. October, Hildesheim
1Stefan Stoyke
2Mike Holz
3Marko Puls
4Robert Allenstein

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