PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2021


The eleventh PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship will be played on 28. November 2021 in the Butlin's Resort in Minehead. 32 young players will take part - you find below how they will qualfy. Dur to the ongoing Corona pandemie the tournament will eb played on one day. In the afternoon the tournament will be played down to the final - first the tournament will be round robin in eight groups with four players each. The top two players of each group will progress to the last 16. The last 16 will be played in knock-out format.
In the evening between the semi-finals and the final of the Players Championships Final the final of the PDC Unicorn Youth World Championship will take place.
Beside the international qualifiers players from both the UK and the european Development Tour Order of Merit will take part. Should players not be able to play other players from the respective Development Tour Order of Merit will move up.
Seeded are the wop eight players from the PDC Order of Merit.

Group A
Callan Rydz4:0John Brown
Jack Male4:0Owen Roelofs
Jack Male4:1Callan Rydz
Owen Roelofs4:3John Brown
Callan Rydz4:1Owen Roelofs
Jack Male4:1John Brown

Group B
Adam Gawlas6:2Reece Colley
Nathan Rafferty6:5Joshua Richardson
Adam Gawlas6:3Nathan Rafferty
Reece Colley6:3Joshua Richardson
Adam Gawlas6:5Joshua Richardson
Nathan Rafferty6:4Reece Colley

Group C
Liam Meek4:2Keane Barry
Shusaku Nakamura 4:2Jarred Cole
Keane Barry4:2Jarred Cole
Liam Meek4:2Shusaku Nakamura
Keane Barry4:3Shusaku Nakamura
Liam Meek4:1Jarred Cole

Group D
Ciaran Teehan4:3Dom Taylor
Geert Nentjes4:0Victor Manuel Rodriguez
Ciaran Teehan4:1Geert Nentjes
Dom Taylor4:2Victor Manuel Rodriguez
Ciaran Teehan4:2Victor Manuel Rodriguez
Geert Nentjes4:3Dom Taylor

Group E
Bradley Brooks4:1Lewis Pride
Lee Lok Yin4:0Tobias Fischer
Bradley Brooks4:2Lee Lok Yin
Lewis Pride4:0Tobias Fischer
Bradley Brooks4:3Tobias Fischer
Lewis Pride4:3Lee Lok Yin

Group F
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez4:1Kevin Doets
Fabian Schmutzler4:3Jurjen van Velde
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez4:3Fabian Schmutzler
Kevin Doets4:2Jurjen van Velde
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez4:2Jurjen van Velde
Kevin Doets4:0Fabian Schmutzler

Group G
Ted Evetts4:3Nico Springer
Keelan Kay4:0Sebastian Bialecki
Ted Evetts4:1Keelan Kay
Nico Springer4:1Sebastian Bialecki
Ted Evetts4:2Sebastian Bialecki
Keelan Kay4:0Nico Springer

Group H
Lewy Williams4:0Niels Zonneveld
Maikel Verberk4:3Cameron Anderson
Lewy Williams4:2Maikel Verberk
Niels Zonneveld4:0Cameron Anderson
Lewy Williams4:1Cameron Anderson
Niels Zonneveld4:2Maikel Verberk

Last 16
Nathan Rafferty5:0Jack Male
Adam Gawlas5:4Callan Rydz
Geert Nentjes5:2Liam Meek
Keane Barry5:1Ciaran Teehan
Kevin Doets5:3Bradley Brooks
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez5:1Lewis Pride
Ted Evetts5:0Niels Zonneveld
Keelan Kay5:1Lewy Williams

Nathan Rafferty5:4Adam Gawlas
Geert Nentjes5:3Keane Barry
Kevin Doets5:3Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Ted Evetts5:3Keelan Kay

Nathan Rafferty5:3Geert Nentjes
Ted Evetts5:1Kevin Doets

Ted Evetts6:4Nathan Rafferty


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Automatically qualified Tour Card Holders
Keane Barry (4)
Bradley Brooks, reigning champion (2)
John Brown
Ted Evetts (3)
Adam Gawlas (8)
Geert Nentjes
Callan Rydz (1)
Ciaran Teehan (5)
Lewis Williams (6)
Niels Zonneveld

Eight Players from the UK Development Tour Order of Merit
Nathan Rafferty
Keelan Day
Dom Taylor
Reece Colley
Liam Meek
Jarred Cole
Cameron Anderson
Joshua Richardson
Lewis Pride

Eight Players from the European Development Tour Order of Merit
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez (7)
Fabian Schmutzler
Sebastian Bialecki
Jurjen van der Velde
Nike Springer
Kevin Doets
Niko Kurz
Maikel Verberk

International Qualifiers
Hong Kong
Lee Hok Yin
Shusaku Nakamura
West Europe
Owen Roelofs
South-East Europe
Tobias Fischer
South-West Europe
Victor Manuel Rodriguez
South Europe
Jaime Nunez, withdrew
Jacob Womack

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