Some Data!

The William Hill World Darts Championship often provides some of the most interesting and unique stats of the darting year. Here, we look at some of the key numbers ahead of this year's event courtesy of the PDC's official data partner Sportradar.

Oldest Player
Evergreen Paul Lim will succeed John MaGowan as the oldest player to compete in the World Championship, aged 67 years and 326 days (MaGowan was 67 years, 202 days in the 2009 event). Lim competed in his first World Championship in 1982 - before 63 of his rivals in this year's event were even born!

Steve Beaton will be playing in a 31st successive World Championship, breaking the record of 30 he had shared with Phil Taylor. He played ten times in the Lakeside Championship before making his debut in the PDC event in 2002 - making this his 21st in a row in this tournament!

Second-Youngest Player
Fabian Schmutzler will become the second-youngest player ever to play in the PDC World Championship, at 16 years and 58 days old - with only Mitchell Clegg (16 years, 37 days in the 2007 event). Clearly younger will be with only 14 years old Luke Littler at his debut in the WDF World Championships 2022 though the youngest ever still is Leighton Bennett with 14 years and only four days who played in the BDO World Championships 2020.

First Father-Son Combination Australia's Raymond and Ky Smith are the first father-son pairing to qualify for the same World Championship.

Brothers In Arms
Rowby-John and Rusty-Jake Rodriguez are only the fourth pair of siblings to compete in the same World Championship. The draw was not lucky for Kim and Ronny Huybrechts in the PDC World Championship 2014 as they already met first round. On the UK Open 2013 ist were even three pairs of brothers stood on stage: Kim and Ronny Huybrechts, Steve and Tony West and Joey and Lee Palfreyman.

A record 30 countries will be represented in the William Hill World Darts Championship this year.

18 players would have given be their World Championship debuts in this year's event, after the withdrawel of Chinese Lihao Wen and Spaniard Juan Francisco Rodriguez only 16 were left: : Alan Soutar, Jason Heaver, William Borland, Martijn Kleermaker, Rusty-Jake Rodriguez, Lewis Williams, Florian Hempel, Ky Smith, Toyokazu Shiabata, John Norman Jnr, Roman Benecky. Chris Landman, Fabian Schmutzler, Jim Williams and Scott Mitchell.

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