UK Open 2023


Friday, 3. March, Afternoon First,Second and Third Round
Friday, 3. March, EveningFourth Round
Saturday, 4. March Fifth and Sixth Round
Sunday, 5. MarchQuarterfinals, Semi-Finals, Final

Friday, 3. March, Afternoon
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First, Second and Third Round
Friday, 3. March, Evening
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Fourth Round
Saturday, 4. March
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Afternoon - Fifth Round

Evening - Sixth Round
Sunday, 5. March
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Afternoon - Quarterfinals
Evening - Semifinals
Evening - Final

UK Open Participants
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128 Tour Card Holders

From Round On
Development Tour

Nathan Girvan
Sebastian Bialecki
Conor Heneghan
Jarred Cole
Jitse van der Wal
Joshua Richardson
Christopher Holt
Dom Taylor

Challenge Tour
Thibault Tricole
David Pallett
Christian Kist
Kenny Neyens
Jim McEwan
Andy Jenkins
Michael Flynn
Jelle Klaasen

Rileys Amateur Qualifiers, 16 Places - From Round One
21. January
Chorlton: Luke Littler

22. January
London Victoria: Stuart White
Liverpool: Jim Moston

28. January
South Benfleet: Dan Read

29. January
London Victoria: Harry Lane
Coventry: Danny Lauby

4. February
Chester: James Richardson

5. February
Norwich: Brett Claydon
Solihull: Daniel Lee

11. February
Chorlton: Callum Loose
Harlow: Thomas Banks

12. February
London Victoria: Darryl Pilgrim

Chester: Lewis Gurney

19. February
Coventry: Noel Grant
Liverpool: Gary Davey
Norwich: Nathan Wynn

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UK Open Draw
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