World Seniors Darts Championship

The World Seniors Darts Championship is a joint Project of MODUS Sports and Jason Frasier. Frasier got known for a Snooker Legends Exhibitions Tour which he transformed in a global circuit which is ratified by the sport's governing body So it could be possible should the World Seniors Darts Championship be a success something similar is planned for the sport of darts.

All players who are older than 50 years of age can take part in the World Senior Darts Championship and don't have a PDC Tour Card.

The field of participants will consist of 24 players. Beside 15 former PDC and BDO World Champions seven more players were invited. The last two places will be decided by a qualifier in which not PDC Tour Card holders are allowed to take part.

The qualifier will be played on November. The tournament then will be played from 3. - 6. February. The venue will be the Circus Tavern in London - for many years the venue for the PDC World Championship.

The format will look like this:
Preliminary: Best of 5 Sets (5 Legs)
Last 16: Best of 5 Sets (5 Legs)
Quarterfinals: Best of 5 Sets (5 Legs)
Semi-Finals: Best of 7 Sets (5 Legs)
Final: Best of 7 Sets (5 Legs)

The price money for the winner will be 25 000 pound. Tickets are available from 1. June over the Circus Tavern Box Office under the numer +44 01708 863838 . On VIP packets are available.

Ticket Prices:

Negotiations about a TV live broadcast are conducted.

As first player Phil Taylor accepted the invitation. By now all players invited are known:
Phil Taylor
Keith Deller
Bob Anderson
Martin Adams
John Walton
Wayne Warren
John Lowe
Ted Hankey
Richie Burnett
John Part
Les Wallace
Trina Gulliver
Kevin Painter
Tony O'Shea
Terry Jenkins
Peter Manley
Robert Thornton
Roland Scholten
Paul Lim
Darryl Fitton
Deta Hedman
Alan Warriner-Little
Richie Howson, Q
Kevin Burness, Q

Ambassadors: Francis Hoenselaar, Tony David, Bobby George, Dennis Priestley

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