WDF World Cup

The WDF World Cup is the only real "World" tournament of the WDF. It is played since 1977 every second years, in the years between the World Cups the regionally limited cups like the Europe Cup, the Americas Cup and the Asia Pacific Cup take place.
The World Cup is played in alternating member countries of the WDF. Each member country can apply for it, the WDF then decides which country best fulfils the eligibility criteria and gets the acceptance. The chosen country then has to organise the World Cup.

The World Cup started as a men's tournament, in 1983 a women's tournament was added and since 1999 a youth tournament is played as well.
The men have to play a team tournament, a pairs tournament and a single tournament, the women play pairs and singles which count for a "team" rating. The youth play girls and boys singles and a mixed pairs tournament - which is their team competition.
Every country can send a national team consisting of four men, two women, one boy and one girl to take part in the World Cup.
In 2015 it was changed to four men, four women and two boys and two girls.
All tournaments together count for the overall winner. In all those years the tournament is already played till now only England, Wales and the Netherlands were overall winners with England winning most often.

There is a very big difference between the World Cup and all other Major tournaments - the World Cup doesn't offer any price money it's really only played for the honour.

Overall Winners
1997 Wales

Winners Men's Tournaments
YearTeam Singles Pairs
1977Wales Leighton Rees, WAL England - Bristow/Lowe
1979EnglandNicky Virachkul, USA England - Bristow/Lowe
1981England John Lowe, ENG England - Lazarenko/Brown
1983England Eric Bristow, ENG England - Bristow/Lowe
1985AmericaEric Bristow , ENG England - Bristow/Lowe
1987England Eric Bristow, ENG England - Bristow/Lowe
1989Canada Eric Bristow, ENG England - Bristow/Lowe
1991EnglandJohn Lowe, ENG Australia - Sullivan/Weening
1993England Eric Bristow, ENG Canada - Part/Mercer
1995 England Martin Adams, ENGEngland - Adams/Fordham
1997Wales Raymond van Barneveld, NED Wales - Palfrey/Phillips
1999England Raymond van Barneveld, NED Wales - Davis/Herbert
2001England Martin Adams, ENGEngland - Fordham/Walton
2003America Raymond van Barneveld, NED England - Adams/King
2005Finnland Dick van Dijk, NED Netherlands - v.Barneveld/v.d.Voort
2007England Mark Webster, WAL Netherlands - Robbe/ten Berge
2009Netherlands Tony O'Shea, ENG Australia - Fleet/Kime
2011England Scott Waites, ENG England - Adams/O'Shea
2013ScotlandWesley Harms, NED England - Bunting/O'Shea
2015England Jim Williams, WAL Netherlands - Harms/Veenstra
2017AustraliaJeff Smith, CAN Russia- Koltsov/Oreshkin
2019NetherlandsDarren Herrewini, NZ Canada - Cameron/Smith

Winners Ladies Tournaments
YearTeam Singles Pairs
1983England Sandy Reitan, USA England - Flowers/Derham
1985England Linda Batten, ENG England - Batten/Kemp
1987America Valery Maytum, NED America Karpowich/Maloney
1989England Eva Grigsby, USA England - Colclough/Edwards
1991New Zealand Jill McDonald, NZWales Greatbatch/Speed
1993America Kathy Maloney, USA Netherlands - Maytum/Hoenselaar
1995England Mandy Solomons, ENG England - Hedman/Solomons
1997America Noeline Gear, NZ America - Bromberg/Verrier
1999England Trina Gulliver, ENG England - Gulliver/Jones
2001Netherlands Francis Hoenselaar, NED Netherlands - Hoenselaar/de Boer
2003England Trina Gulliver, ENG England - Gulliver/Bywaters
2005England Claire Bywaters, ENG England - Gulliver/Bywaters
2007Wales Jan Robbins, WAL Russia - Dobromyslova/Armstrong
2009England Stacy Bromberg, USA England - Ashton/Lawman
2011England Trina Gulliver, ENG England - Gulliver/Hedman
2013England Deta Hedman, ENG England - Gulliver/Hedman
2015England Lisa Ashton, ENG England - Ashton/Brooks
2017Netherlands Vicky Pruim, SWE Russia - Dobromyslova/Kononova
2019EnglandMikuru Suzuki, JP Japan - Suzuki/Ouchi

Winners Youth Tournaments
Year Team MixedSingles Girls Singles Boys
1999Australia Harrena Williamson, Aus Kim Viljanen, FIN
2001Sweden Venus Johnson, AusStephen Bunting, ENG
2003Australia Kate Dando, ENG Jerry Hendrik, NEDs
2005Netherlands Carla Molema, NED Jonny Nijs, NED
2007Netherlands Linda Odén, SWE Tibor Tax, HUN
2009Finnland Alisa Koskivirta, FIN Jamie Lewis, WAL
2011England Fallon Sherrock, ENG Jimmy Hendriks, NED
2013Australia Casey Gallagher, Eng Jamie Rundle, AUS
2015Netherlands Tayla Carolissen, SA Maikel Verberk, NED
2017Netherlands Deniz Hashtbaran, IRNJustin van Tergouw, NED
2019EnglandBeau Greaves, ENGKeelan Kay, ENG

Year Pairs GirlsPairs Boys Mixed
2015Schuler/Puls, GER Verberk/van Tergouw, NED -
2017Hashtbaran/Avazzadeh, IRN Nijman/van Tergouw, NED -
2019Greaves/Reeves, ENGPhillips/Kay, ENG Houdek/Votavova, CZ

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