Ronnie Baxter
Birthday: 5. February 1961
Lives in: Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Born at: Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Nickname: The Rocket
Darts: 22 g Nickel Tungsten
Walk-On-Music: Don't stop me now (Queen)
Organisation: PDC

Ronnie Baxter played in the beginning of the 1980s the North American Circuit and later the BDO Circuit. He did win a lot of Open Tournaments or at least the last four of them. 1991 he for the first time took part in the BDO World Championship but didnīt get further then round two.
After the split in darts when a lot of the top players had left the BDO Baxter got numeber two of the ranking but lost nervertheless in the 1994 World Championship against the then unknown John Part. He stayed under the top BDO players during the following years but it took him till 1999 to reach a World Championship finale only to lose against Raymond van Barneveld. One year later he again reached the final and lost against Ted Hankey. The World Championship 2001 was disappointing again and he decided to change to the PDC.
He never was as successive there as in the BDO and never could win a Major tournament. 2007 he dropped out of the top ten only to return into form in the middle of 2009 and to qualify for the Premier League 2010.

Picture with courtesy of Lawrence Lustig

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