Kirk Bevins

Kirk Bevins, born 5. June 1986, is the youngest of the PDC callers and the successor of Bruce Spendley who withdrew after the PDC World Championship 2013.

Bevins came into contact with the PDC when he worked as one of the voluntary chalkers of the Stars of Darts Forum on the PDC Pro Tour. In 2010 he for the first time was asked by the PDC to work in a televised tournament on stage. It turned out he was quite talented at the microphone and a very sure and fast calculator.

Bevins works as actuary when not on stage. He lives in York and is known by the nickname "Kirkculator". As Bevins tells already as a small boy his dream was to become a darts referee on the big stage. He always "practiced" in front of the TV when darts was on. Bevins played darts himself. His best result was a semi-final in University Darts UK singles.

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