Gary Blades
Birthday: 16. November 1980
Lives in: Lincoln, England
Born at: Lincoln, England
Nickname: Razor
Darts: 22g Target
Organisation: PDC

Englishman Gary Blades appeared in 2005 for the first time on the PDC Circuit and qualified for the UK Open. The following two years he played a few Pro Tour events and qualified 2007 again for the UK Open. He stayed on the Pro Tour till 2011 and then took a break before he took part for the first time in the UK Qualifying School in 2019. As he couldn't get a Tour Card he played 2019 on the Challenge Tour where he reached a few quarterfinals. 2020 Blades again took part in Qualifying School and won a Tour Card on Day. Since then he can be found on the Pro Tour but so far his best results where a few places among the Last 32.

Picture with kind allowance of the PDC

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