Stacy Bromberg
Birthday: 27. July 1956
Lived in: Las Vegas, USA
Born at: Los Angeles, USA
Nickname The Wish Granter
Darts: Lazerdarts
Walk-On-Music: American Girl (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
Organisation: ADO/WDF/PDC

Stacy Bromberg was for many years the dominating female player of the USA though despite taking part several times in the Winmau World Masters she never had success in Europe. Long years she was the number 1 in America, was member of the national team and was during the WDF World 2009 in the USA the only American player who could win a tournament.
She always took part as long as it existed in the ladies tournament during the Las Vegas Desert classics and won it once so she is the only American LVDC winner. After it stopped she always played the qualifications with the men.
In 2010 she won the American qualifier for the first PDC Women's World Championship and managed to play herself into the final. There she defeated Tricia Wright and became the first and till today only PDC Women's World Champion. After playing this PDC event she had problems with the ADO and WDF,both wouldn't allow her to try to defend her World Cup singles title she had won in 2009. Though she still played darts in the following years she never found back in form and he battle with cancer made it even more difficult. 2017 she lost this battle and died on 12. February 2017 in Las Vegas.
Stacy Bromberg was the American representativ of "The Hearts of Darts" and every year during the LVDC she organised the "Make a wish" fundraiser for the Score for Charity.
Bromberg was never a fulltime professional. She studied law, worked as private investigator, in the financial branche and at the moment as a teacher.

Stacy Bromberg Interview

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