Rachna David
Birthday: 1977
Lives in: Oslo, Norway
Born in: India
Nickname: Xena
Darts: 22 g Eric Bristow
Organisation: BDO

Rachna David moved together with her family from India to Oslo in Norway when she was five years old. When in 2002 she played darts with her father in a club her talent for the sport became obvious and she joined the BDO Circuit. In 2006 he celebrated in the Hungary Open her first tournament win. 2008 she was the first time part of the Norwegian World Cup team.
David often reached good placings and from time to time wins a tournament. 2014 she for the first time took part in the BDO World Championship and lost in the first round. 2017 she qualified by the Lakeside Play-Offs for the second time for Lakeside and will play in the first round in January 2018 against Deta Hedman

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