Jan Dekker
Birthday: 25. June 1990
Lives in: Klijndijk, Holland
Born at: Emmen, Holland
Nickname: The Coat
Walk-On-Music: Explode (Jordan + Baker)
Organisation: PDC

Jan Dekker played on the BDO Circuit since 2008 and had his World Championship debut in 2011. He played himself into the semi-finals. 2012 he won together with Christian Kist the pairs event of the WDF Europe Cup. In 2013 he started to play PDC Challenge Tour Events. Dekker stood in the quarterfinals of the BDO World Championship and of the World Masters in 2013. In 2014 he again reched the semi-finals of the BDO World Championship but lost first round 2015 and announced he would swith to the PDC.
When he didn't manage to get a Tour Card in the Qualifying School 2015 he played as an associate member again on the Challenge Tour where he won three of the event. Beside he qualified for the UK Open and reached the Last 16. Dekker managed to qualifiy for the PDC World Championship 2016 and as a Tour Card holder since than plays on the Pro Tour but still has to achieve a breakthrough.

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