Anastasia Dobromyslova
Birthday: 26. September 1984
Lives in: Ellermere Port, England
Born at: Tver, Russia
Nickname From Russia with love
Darts: 22g Unicorn World Champion Anastasia Signature Silver
Walk-On-Music: Girls (Sugababes)
Organisation: BDO

The in Russia born and grown-up Anastasia Dobromyslova started with 11 years to play darts. She won several Russian Championships which was not really difficult as there was more or less no competition.
From 2004 to 2008 she played with some success in the BDO. 2008 she defeated the then seven times Women's World Champion Trina Gulliver in the final of the BDO World Championship. In spring 2008 she managed to qualify by the pub qualifying for the PDC UK Open final in Bolton. She lost first round to Robert Thornton who just had changed from the BDO to the PDC in a tough match. Later the year she was invited as World Champion to the Grand Slam of darts where she didnīt win a single match but nevertheless did her credit.
On the 8th December 2008 the BDO announced Anastasia Dobromyslova was no longer member of the BDO and she herself announced on her homepage she would now play the PDC circuit. When the Indian qualifier couldnīt take part in the PDC World Championship Anastasia was offered a wildcard for the Preliminary round which was followed by a lot of discussions. She lost the match against Remco Eijden.
She was not really successful on the circuit and failed to qualify for any of the Major tournaments. But during the Grand Slam 2009 she again caused a sensation when she managed to beat the Dutch player Vincent van der Voort.
This stayed her only real success in the PDC and she decided to return to the BDO and to compete again in BDO/WDF women's contests. In 2012 she won the BDO World Title for the second time after she had defeated Deta Hedman in the final. In 2013 she won her third World Championship title. Dobromyslova qualified by the Rest of the World ladies qualifier for the PDC World Championship 2019 but lost first round to Ryan Joyce.
Anastasia Dobromyslova is by now married to the English dart player Tony Martin who after some years in the BDO returned to play the PDC circuit but again switched to the BDO when his wife left the PDC circuit. Both are quite successful soft-dart players as well.

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