Anthony Dundas

Anthony Dundas is one of the actual four top callers of the BDO.
Dundas started to call on county level in 2008. His carreer in the BDO started in 2012 when the BDO was looking for new callers. Dundas was in Lakeside that year and worked as an onlinle journalist for the BDO forums. He was asked whether he would not like to work as a referee and caller during the Scottish Open . 2013 he for the first time worked on the Lakeside stage as well.

Dundas was born on 22. September 1986 in Scotland and lives in Glasgow. He works as a telephonist for a taxi company. Dundas nickname is "The Pub". Dundas played darts as a youth and won several tournaments. For some time he traveled on the BDO Circuit under the wings of Ross Montgomery.

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