Martin Fitzmaurice

Martin Fitzmaurice was the most important MC, caller and referee of the BDO.

Fitzmaurice was born in June 1940 in Kensington, a part of London, lived the first five years of his life in Wales and then returned after the war to London.
He first worked in a lawyer's office, then as electrician and subway-driver. In 1964 he married and ten years later the family moved to Colchester.
One evening he was asked in the pub whether he could not help out as chalker. Some time later he worked as referee as well and became acquainted with Bobby George who asked him to help out as his Exhibition referee had no time.
For around five years he worked together with George when during the Winmau World Masters the caller had to cancel due to illness. Bobby George insisted Fitzmaurice should take over and he mastered the job brilliantly. One year later Fitzmaurice was engaged for the BDO World Championship in Lakeside. He was the caller when Paul Lim threw the first Nine-Darter during a World Championship.

For many years he was Master of Ceremonies for all BDO tournament which he traditionally opened with the words: "Are you ready??? Ladies and Gentleman ... Let's play darts! " Beside this he accompanied a lot of BDO players at their exhibitions and worked for the IDPA.

Fitzmaurice felt only contempt for the PDC. His nickname is "The Legend".

Due to his racists comments during the BDO British Internationals Fitzmaurice resigned in April 2013. On 14. April 2016 Fitzmaurice deceased with 75 years of age.

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