Amit Gilitwala
Birthday: 16. January 1996
Lives in: Preston, England
Born at: Surut, India
Darts: 22g Bull's
Organisation: PDC

Amit Gilitwala is some kind of 'wunderkind' of the Dartsport in India. He started his career locally 2007 and won 2010 with fourteen the National Indian Championship. 2013 he played himself into the Top 16 of the Malaysian Open and in 2014 he qualified for the PDC Uniorn World Youth Championship.
The PDC invited him as well in the same year to play in the PDC World Cup. 2018 Gilitwala took part without success in the PDC Qualifying School and moved to England. He played for some time on the Challenge and the Development Tour before he disappeared off the radar. 2020 he was nominated as the number 1 of the Indian Darts Federation for the PDC World Championship 2021. He lost at his debut in the opening match of the tournament against Steve West.

Picture with kind allowance by Lawrence Lustig, PDC

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