Dimitriy Gorbunov
Birthday: 16. September 1977
Lives in: Novouralsk, Russia
Born at: Novouralsk, Russia
Nickname: Olimp/Assasin
Darts: 19g Harrows Assasin
Organisation: EADC, PDC

Russian Dimitryi Gorbunov most of the time plays darts locally. 2015 he took part for the first time in a tournament - the Novouralks Darts Cup - and reached the third place from four participants. 2016 he won the Ural Darts League - a renowned local darts league. 2020 Gorbunov played the PDC Qualifying School but not even got near winning a Tour Card. Back in Russia he won the Russian Cup and managed to qualify by the RADC Qualifier for the PDC World Championship 2021 where he ÷ost against Jason Lowe First Round.

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