Beau Greaves
Birthday: 9. January 2004
Lives in: Doncaster, England
Born in: Doncaster, England
Nickname Beau'n'Arrow
Organisation: BDO

Beau Greaves is thought of as one of the most talented females in the sport of darts. 2014 - only half a year after she had started to play darts - she already stood in the final of the girl's World Masters. 2016 she won the girls singles of the WDF Europe Cup Youth, 2017 for the first time the girl's World Masters and already could celebrate first successes on the ladies circuit. 2018 she won the WDF Europe Cup Youth as well and the World Masters- In 2019 Greaves won for ladies' events, the girl's singles of the WDF World Cup and qualified for the BDO Women's World Championship where she will give her debut as number 6 seed.

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