Jani Haavisto
Birthday: 11. May 1987
Lives in: Teuva, Finland
Born at: Finland
Walk-On-Music: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Organisation: SDC, PDC

Jani Haavisto in 2010 and 2011 took part in the Finish qualifier for the PDC World Championship but never got farer then the semifinals. 2012 he was one of the Scandinavian players playing the new Scandinavian Circuit. He won two of the eight tournaments and two times reached the quarterfinals. By this he qualified for the preliminary round of the PDC World Championship 2013. He defeated his countryman Jarkko Komula but lost first round against Gary Anderson.

In January 2013 Haavisto took part in the PDC Qualifying Toru and won on the second day a Tour Card. Together with Jarkko Komula he was Team Finland in the PDC World Cup 2013 and reached the semi-finals of the tournament.

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