Andreas Harrysson
Birthday: 3. June 1975
Lives in: Malila, Sweden
Born in: Sweden
Nickname Dirty Harry
Organisation: BDO/PDC

Swede Andreas Harrysson plays since 2013 on the BDO Circuit. Harrysson plays mostly BDO events, but plays on the BDC Nordic and Baltic Tour as well and took part 2019 without success in the PDC Qualifying School. 2016 he reached the semi-finals of the WDF Europe Cup singles and was in 2018 member of the winning Europe Cup team. 2019 he stood in the semi-finals of the WDF World Cup singles. His only tournament win he could celebrate in 2018 - he won the Finnish Masters. But though till now he only won once he after reaches the later round of the tournaments and qualified as Baltic and Scandinavia representative for the BDO World Championships 2020. After a strong First Round appearance he lost a very close Second Round match to number 1 seed Wesley Harms

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