Wyand Havenga
Birthday: 6. November 1965
Lives in: Cape Town, South Africa
Born in: South Africa
Organisation: SA Pro Darts Organisation/PDC

After his win of the Sputh African Masters in 2006 Wynand Havenga took part in the PDC World Championship 2007. With wins over Steven Maish and Peter Manley he progressed into the third round only to lose against Darren Webster. He was very popular with the crowd due to his celebrations of a leg win or a 180.
In the years after his World Championship appearance Havenga had to fight with a shoulder injury and slid down the rankings. Nevertheless he won the South African National title in 2011.
Havenga works as manager of a car dealer. After his PDC World Championship appearance he was sponsored for some time by Unicorn , which designed his signature darts.

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