Shawn Hogan
Birthday: 3. April 1969
Lives in: Johannesburg, South Africa
Born in: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nickname The Game
Darts: 22 g Target C4
Walk-On-Music: Time to play the Game (Moto head)
Organisation: SA Pro Darts Organisation/PDC

Shown Hogan is a in South Africa very successful dartplayer who took part in several qualifiers fort he PDC World Championship but till now never got further than the semi-finals. He took part in the WDF World Cup before the PDC nominated him alongside with Devon Petersen as Team South Africa for the PDC World Cup in 2012. The team returned in 2013 and reached the last 16 where they lost to Team England.
Since a shooting accident when he was 12 Hogan is blind on his right eye.

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