Dragutin Horvat
Birthday: 1976
Lives in: Kassel, Germany
Born in: Germany
Nickname Branco
Organisation: PDC

40 years old Dragutin Horvat plays already since 2007 in events of the PDC Europe and in some WDF/BDO/DDV events as well. In 2007 he stood in the quarterfinals of a GDC event. In 2013 he reached the Last 32 of the German Open - a WDF/DDV tournament. 2016 he reached the final of another WDF/DDV tournament - the Kirchheim Classic, qualified for two PDC European Tour Events, reached the quarterfinals of the first one and won the final of the Bulls Super League. By this he qualified for the PDC World Championship 2017 where he'll give his debut in the Preliminary Round against the Russian qualifier Boris Koltsov.

Picture with courtesy of Lawrence Lustig, PDC

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