Peter Hudson
Birthday: 20. April 1984
Lives in: Salford, England
Born at: England
Nickname: The Rock
Darts: 24 g Unicorn
Walk-On-Music: We Will Rock You (Queen)
Organisation: PDC

Peter Hudson plays on the PDC Circuit since 2010. 2011 he took part in Qualifying School and secured himself a Tour Card.
2011 and 2012 he qualified for the UK Open, but always ended under the last 64. In 2012 he qualified for the second PDC European Tour event and lost first round to Mervyn King. In June 2012 he for the first time reached the quarterfinal of a Pro Tour tournament and later qualified for the PDC World Championship for the first time. He lost First Round to James Wade. 2014 he for the first time stood in a Pro Tour quarterfinal but lost his Tour Card end of the year. He played for some years on the Challenge Tour before he got back his Tour Card in Qualifying School 2018. But he lost it again end of 2019 and another year on the Challenge Tour followed. 2021 he again won a Tour Card in Qualifying School by the ranking.

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