Peter Jacques
Birthday: 29. March 1973
Lives in: DenbyDale, England
Born at: Huddersfield, England
Nickname: The Terrier
Walk-On-Music: Sandstorm (Darude)
Organisation: PDC

Peter Jacques played from 2008to 2015 in the BDO and once took part in the Winmau World Masters. 2017 he took part in the PDC Qualifying School but didn't appear on the last day and so missed out the Tour Card. So 2017 he played on the Challenge Tour and took part as Associate Member in several PDC Players Championships. He as well qualified for a few European Tour events. Jacques won two Challenge tour events and had a few good placings on the Pro Tour as well. He managed to qualify for the PDC World Championship by the Pro Tour Order of Merit and will there play in the first round against Kyle Anderson.
Jacques is not a professional darts player but earns his living as a postman.

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