Phil Jones

Phil Jones is by now - what he calls himself - a retired sports entertainer.

Jones as many others only by chance became involved in the sport of darts, he as many others was asked for help when a referee was taken ill.
And already after his first match he was sure he would stop trying to become a top player and instead work as a caller.
1977 he was the very first caller on stage at the inaugural WDF World Cup and from this time one didn't miss a single important tournament. For 17 years he accompanied Bobby George at his exhibitions.

But in 1993 he followed the players who left the BDO, started to work with Sky Sports and became the Master of Ceremonies of the PDC till 2007.

Today he lives with his wife in Las Vegas - he had announced he would write a book, it's not know how he's getting on. He is quite an experienced writer as for 17 years he worked as a reporter for Darts World and wrote the column "Cockney Pride" for the magazine.
All the time when he was already was Master of Ceremonies he never stopped working in exhibitions with top players - his top three are Phil Taylor, Eric Bristow and Dennis Priestley.

After Phil Jones retired from stage John McDonald succeeded him as Master of Ceremonies of the PDC.

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