Patrick Kovacs
Birthday: 3. October 1996
Lives in: Odz, Hungary
Born at: Odz, Hungary
Nickname: The Planer
Walk-On-Music: Let's get it Started (Black Eyed Peas)
Organisation: PDC

Hungarian Patrik Kovacs played 2011 for the first time on the PDC Youth Tour and stood in the quarterfinals once. Beside he played BDO/WDF events and took part in the WDF World Cup in 2015. 2016 he was for the first time nominated in the PDC World Cup and reached together with Nandor Bezzeg the second round. 2018 he qualified for his first European Tour event. In the following years Kovacs took part in the PDC Qualifying School but so far failed to win a Tour Card. But he played almost every year with different partners in the PDC World Cup and qualified by now for several European Tour events. Beside he won a few WDF tournaments - 2022 the Budapest Classic and the Romanian Open, 2023 the Serbia Open.

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