Andy Kröckel
Birthday: 7. December 1965
Lives in: Essen, Germany
Born in: Essen, Germany
Nickname: Andy
Darts: 21 g Andy Kröckel Global Unicorn
Walk-On-Music: House of Fun (Madness)
Organisation: DDV

Any Kröckel originally was more interested in soccer but then the landlord of his pub hang up a dartboard and he couldn´t resist. Kröckel was founding member of the DSC Essen, he has won several German Championships and probably of all players has played most often in the national team.
Once he could win a WDF tournament and in 1996 he could qualify for the BDO World Championship.
In 2009 he announced that he had to take a break because of health problems but in January 2010 he seemed to have overcome them and returned.

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