Nitin Kumar
Birthday: 14. November 1985
Lives in: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Born in: Dubai
Nickname The Animal
Darts: 18 g Cosmo Signature
Organisation: WDF/PDC

Nitin Kumar already plays darts for around 20 years. He grew up in Dubai where he was one of the best youth players. When he moved to India he couldn't find first a place to play darts where he lived and only returned to the sport after he had taken part in the national championship in Calcutta in 2005. He reached the semi-finals of the tournament. In 2007 he for the first time was nominated for the national team. Till today he travels to Dubai from time to time to take part in tournaments. Besides he tries to make the sport of darts more popular in India.
2015 he took together with Ashfaque Patel as Team India in the PDC World Cup. By the Indian qualifier he qualified for the PDC World Championship 2019 where he will give his debut. In the PDC World Championship 2020 Kumar will again represent India.

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