Jacques Labre
Birthday: 6. November 1982
Lives in: Paris, France
Born in: Paris, France
Nickname Biko
Darts: 23g Cosmo
Walk-On-Music: Stargazing (Kygo)
Organisation: WDF/PDC

Frenchman Jacques Labre first was wellknown as a soft-darts player before from 2010 he started to play steel-darts internationally as well- 2014 he took together with Lionel Maranhao for the first time part in the PDC World Cup but Team France lost already first round. He was eliminated in the early rounds of WDF events as well. 2022 Labre for the first time took part in the PED Qualifying School but couldn't get a Tour Card and played on the Challenge Tour where he won an event. He won a title at the WDF World Cup 2022 as well - the men's single title. And he won the Spanish Open 2022 too. 2023 he returned to the PDC Qualifying School and this time he got his Tour Card - as first French player ever. So far he was not really successfull on the Pro Tour but he will take part in the PDC World Cup 2023 together with Thibault Tricole.

Picture with kind allowance of the PDC

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