Dennis Lindskjold
Birthday: 21. December 1977
Lives in: Sonderburg, Denmark
Born in: Augustenborg, Denmark
Nickname The Beast
Organisation: SDC, PDC

Dane Dennis Lindskjold played from 2004 - 2012 on the BDO/WDF Circuit. His best results in those years were the quarterfinal of the WDF Europe Cup in 004 and the semi-finals of the Denmark Open in the same year. Since 2012 he takes part in the Scandinavian Pro Tour of the SDC which is a branch of the PDC. In 2012 he won one of the events and he had good results in 2013 as well by which he was one of the participants of the Scandinavian Qualifier for the PDC World Championship. Lindskjold won the tournament and qualified for the Preliminary Round of the PDC World Championship 2014 but lost to Colin Osborne.

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