Colin Lloyd
Birthday: 7. August 1973
Lives in: Chelmsford, Essex, England
Born in: Colchester, Essex, England
Nickname: Jaws
Darts: 18 g Target Pure One
Walk-On-Music: Monster (The Automatic)
Organisation: PDC

Colin Lloyd who's a building worker started his dart career in 1999. He never played in the BDO but joined immediately the PDC.
The first two times he took part in the World Championship he had no success at all but the third time in 2002 he played himself into the semifinals before he lost to Peter Manley. From this time on he is one of the top players of the PDC though it's more the Pro Tour events that help him to his position in the ranking.
In 2004 he won his firt Major tournament - the World Grand Prix in Dublin. 2005 he won the World Matchplay and was then till the end of 2007 when the PDC changed the ranking in a on the earned price money depending ranking Number 1 of the World.
2007 and 2008 were no good years for him and he was no longer under the top 10. 2009 loooked like he was recovering and he once again showed good results in the Pro Tour events.
Lloyd announced in 2008 he is suffering from diabetes which was not discovered until that date. Now under the right treatment he feels much better again.

Picture with courtesy of Lawrence Lustig

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