Martin Lukeman
Birthday: 26. March 1985
Lives in: Newbury, England
Born at: London, England
Nickname: Smash
Darts: 22g Signature
Walk-On-Music: I can't dance (Genesis)
Organisation: PDC

Martin Lukeman first appeared in the BDO Gold Cup 2014 where he reached the Last 16. The following year he started to play on the PDC Challenge Tour and won an event. In 2016 he for the first time entered Qualifying School but failed to get a Tour Card. So he played another year on the Challenge Tour with some good results and tried Qualifying School again in 2017. He failed again but qualified for the UK Open and played himself under the Last 16. Lukeman took part in several European Tour Qualifiers but didn't manage to qualify. He moved up and played a few Pro Tour events as well. 2018 was not a good year for Lukeman, who once again couldn't get a Tour Card and this time failed to qualify for the UK Open as well. After 2019 started like 2018 Lukeman took a break from darts. 2021 Lukeman returned to qualifying School and this time won a Tour Card by the ranking.

Picture with kind allowance of the PDC

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