Robert Marijanovic
Birthday: 6. May 1980
Lives in: Freudenstadt, Germany
Born at: Freudenstadt, Germany
Nickname: Robstar
Darts: 24g Evolution
Walk-On-Music: Looking for Freedom (David Hasselhoff)
Organisation: DSAB, PDC

Robert Marijanovic was born in Germany but is citizen of Croatia. Due to this circumstance he could qualify for the PDC World Championship 2013 by winning the East European Qualifier representing Croatia. He lost his Preliminary Round match against Daryl Gurney from Northern Ireland. Together with Tonci Restovic Marijanovic played as Team Croatia in the PDC World Cup 2013 and the Team reached the quarterfinals. 2015 Marijanovic was back in the World Championship and this time lost First Round to Stephen Bunting. Since 2017 Marijanovic plays for Germany. 2018 he won the Super League Germany and took part for a third time in the PDC World Championship. this time he lost First Round to Richard North. In January 2018 Marijanovic took part in Qualifiyng School. He got a Tour Card but in 2019 due to problems with his shoulder he could only play a few Pro Tour events and lost the Tour Card end of the year.
2021 Marijanovic entered the European Qualifying School again and secured himself a Tour Card by the ranking.
In Germany Marijanovic is well known as soft-darts player, he's member of the premier league team Sammelsurium. Beside he has got his own Darts Youtube Channel and often works as co-commentator of darts tournaments.

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