George Nobel

George Noble is a well-known English caller, but he got this into this profession only by chance.
When the proper county caller one evening didn't turn up due to illness George Noble took over and already showed on this first evening he was talented.
By chance Phil Jones was part of the crowd and he asked him whether he would not stand in for him during some exhibitions with Bobby George. The first exhibition not really was a success but two years later George Noble stand on the big stage in Lakeside.

He made a name for himself as he almost never makes a mistake.

Though Noble started his career with the BDO and between 1995 and 2007 called every final of the BDO World Championship, he switched to the PDC in 2007, as he wanted to work full-time in darts.

Beside as a PDC caller George Noble is Event Director of Modus - a darts management and exhibition company. One of the players he looks after is James Wade. George Noble works for as well.

George Noble was born on 17. October 1968, he is married to the sister of Andy Fordham and has two children. His nickname is "The Puppy" because he looks so young and fresh.

George Noble got interested in darts already when he was a child and was quite a good player himself though he admits that between him and the top players is a lot of difference.

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