Tony O'Shea
Birthday: 9. May 1961
Lives in: Stockport, England
Born in: Middlesbrough, England
Nickname: Silverback
Darts: 22 g Data Darts
Walk-On-Music: Hey Baby (DJ Ítzi)
Organisation: BDO

Tony O'Shea plays for the BDO since 2000. He won quite a lot of open tournaments but till now no Major.
In 2009 he stood in the final of the BDO World Championship and he won the WDF World Cup singles. He was invited to the Grand Slam where he showed he can well keep up with the PDC players. In 2012 he again reached the final of the BDO World Championship but again lost, this time to the Dutch debutant Christian Kist.
On his 46. birthday he threw during the International Darts League his first televised Nine-Darter.

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