Rhian O'Sullivan
Birthday: 20. Januar 1981
Lives in: Llanell, Wales
Born in: Swansea, Wales
Darts: 23g
Walk-On-Music: Delilah (Tom Jones)
Organisation: WDF

Rhian O'Sullivan, born Edwards, started to play darts when she was 17. 2008 she reached the Last 16 of the World Masters, one year later the quarterfinals. 2010 she qualified for the first time for the BDO World Championship where she was beaten in the final by Trina Gulliver. Excactly the same happened one year later again. The following years O'Sullivan regualrily played in BDO events in England and Wales often reaching good placings and twice winning the British Internationals women. O'Sullivan qualified by the World Championship qualifier for the WDF World Championship 2022 where she played some impressive matches before she lost in the semi-finals a close match to Kirsty Hutchinson.
O'Sullivan as well plays the PDC Women's Series.

Picture with kind permission of Chri Sargeant, WDF

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