Warren Parry
Birthday: 9. Januar 1964
Lives in: New Zealand
Born in: Wrey's Bush, New Zealand
Nickname Wazza
Organisation: WDF, PDC

Warren Parry - who is not a full time pro but earns his living as a slaughterman - is probably internationally the best known dartplayer from New Zealand.

1999 he reached the final of the World Cup Singles. 2000 he wan the Asia Pacific Cup. He won the New Zealand Open several times. In 2005, 2007 and 2009 he won the Oceanic Masters and qualified for the PDC World Championship.
In 2010 he once again stood in the final of the Oceanic Masters again but this time he was beaten by Preston Ridd.

Since 2008 he doesn't play as many WDF tournaments any longer - he takes part more often in the DPA Circuit (PDC) instead.

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