John Part
Birthday: 29. June 1966
Lives in: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Born in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nickname: Darth Maple
Darts: 23 g Unicorn
Walk-On-Music: Imperial March from Star Wars
Organisation: PDC
Internet-Site: John Part

John Part started to play darts in 1987, won his first title in 1991 and was number 1 in Canada two years later. In 1994 - after the split - he took part in the BDO World Championship. It was his first performance in front of the TV cameras. That a lot of Top players had left the BDO that year offered Part a big chance and he used this chance. During the whole tournament he only lost one set. In the finale he met Bobby George who from a back injury and couldnīt offer much resistance to the young Canadian. So Part could win the finale 6:0. Part took part in three more BDO World Championships but lost every time in the first round.
1997 Part switched to the PDC. Finally in 2001 he started to make himself known. He played himself into the World Championship finale and lost to Phil Taylor. 2002 he reached the finale of the World Matchplay and of the World Grand Prix and both times was beaten by Taylor again.
In 2003 he again stood in the World Championship finale and this time he was the winner. 2005 and 2006 Part slided down the rankings though he could win the Las Vegas Desert Classics in 2006.
2007 was a better year and he played himself into a few Major semifinals. Nevertheless it came a surprise that 2008 he once again stood in a World Championship finale and for the third time got the World Champion title.
For the rest of 2008 and 2009 he played with out much successed and slided down the rankings in 2010 again.
From 1995 to 2007 Part for the BBC commented the BDO World Championship and the Winmau World Masters.

Picture with courtesy of Lawrence Lustig

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