Dean Reynolds
Birthday: 21. July 1992
Lives in: Cardiff, Wales
Born in: Cardiff, Wales
Nickname The Dragon
Walk-On-Music: Dynamite (Taio Cruz)
Organisation: WDF/BDO/PDC

Young Welshman Reynolds started to play on the BDO Circuit in 2016 after he had played from 2011 - 2015 in the PDC, mostly in the PDC Development Tour winning in all those years five of the events - two in 2016. By this Reynolds is guaranteed a PDC Tour Card for 2017. 2015 he won the French Open, 2016 the England Classic and stood in the semi-finals of the World Darts Trophy. In 2016 he qualified for the first time for the BDO World Championship and reached the second round. He qualified again by the BDO rankings for the BDO World Championship 2017 as the number 7 seed.

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