Keith Rooney
Birthday: 13. February 1981
Lives in: Duleek, Ireland
Born in: Ireland
Nickname Titanium
Darts: 21 g Winmau
Organisation: PDC

Phil Taylor once predicted the Irish dart player Keith Rooney a bright future after Rooney had reached the final of the Winmau World Masters Youth in 1998. He even took him under his wings and Rooney lived and practiced for around a year with Taylor. But Taylors prediction didn't come true though Rooney reached the last 16 in the World Grand Prix 2005. As Rooney says himself he probably was just too immature.
Over the following years Rooney played most of the time in Ireland and then decided to play golf. In 2012 he returned to darts but failed both in Qualifying School 2012 and Qualifying School 2013 to get a Tour Cards. In 2013 he managed to qualify for the UK Open but lost already preliminary round.

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