Michael Rosenauer
Birthday: 13. July 1966
Lives in: Steinfurth, Germany
Born in: Steinfurth, Germany
Nickname: Rosi 501
Darts: 19 g Unicorn Global Michael Rosenauer
Organisation: DDV/PDC Europe

Michael Rosenauer started to play darts in the 1980's. First he played only soft-darts while by now he plays almost only steel-darts. He was a very successful soft-dart player both national and international and in steel-dart he soon played himself under the Top Ten in Germany.

in 2007 he qualified through the qualifier for the BDO World Championship but when offered a wildcard for the PDC World Championship he decided he would prefer this and produced a passionate controversy. Many hoped he would after that be the first German player to play the PDC Pro Tour circuit but that didn´t happen. Rosenauer even withdraw himself for a short time but he seems to be back now.

Picture with courtesy of Thomas Schröer/PDC Europe.

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