Roland Scholten
Birthday: 11. January 1965
Lives in: Den Haag, Holland
Born in: Den Haag, Holland
Nickname: The Tripod
Darts: 21 g Data Darts Roland Scholten
Walk-On-Music: Chelsea Daggers (The Fratellis)
Organisation: PDC

Roland Scholten, originally a landlord, started to play darts in the BDO in 1990. In 1992 he won his first Open tournament. in 1993 he celebrated one of his biggest successes - he won the World Cup Singles. Between 1994 and 1999 he took part in the BDO World Championship. His best result was the semifinal in 1999. A short time later he switched to the PDC.

Scholten played himself up the PDC ranking fast. In 2001 he stood in the final of the World Grand Prix but lost to Alan Warriner-Little. 2004 he won his only Major tournament so far - the UK Open. Till 2006 Scholten was one of the most consistent PDC players and always was under the Top Ten.
Then he got problems with his shoulder and slided down the rankings. In 2009 he finally was operated and the World Championship 2010 was the first tournament he could take part without pain for a long time. He lost his match and still isnīt back to his old form but seems to be in an upward trend.

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