Gordon Shumway

Though there exist other German callers for national and international tournaments in Germany Gordon Shumway certainly is the most popular and the only one known abroad as well.

Shumway, who's "real" name is more or less forgotten, started to call matches in 1991. Like many other callers it happened by chance when the booked caller of an event had to cancel due to illness and Shumway stood in. From this time on he is the official caller of the "hessische Dartsverband", called many years for the DDV and the WDF tournaments in Germany, accompanied PDC players at exhibitions and now is the caller and MC of the PDC Europe.

His dream is to stand one day in England on the stage of The Alexandra Palace.

Shumway works as speaker for several recording studios but his main profession is it to run a marketing agency which advises publishing companies how to look after their customers.

Shumway was born in 1967. He is married and has two daughters. He loves to drive fast and to listen to Blues, Jazz and Rock'n Roll.

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