Dennis Smith
Birthday: 2. August 1969
Lives in: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Born in: Reading, Berkshire, England
Nickname Smiffy
Darts: 22g Nickel Tungsten
Walk-On-Music: You Really Got Me (Van Halen)
Organisation: PDC

Dennis Smith is a well-known player on the PDC circuit which he plays since 1994. He won several smaller tournaments but never a Major. In 2000 he stood in the PDC World Champion's semifinal, he reached the quarterfinals of the World Matchplay four times and two times the semifinals of the World Grand Prix.
He had some years with weaker form but celebrated a short comeback during the World Championship 2009 where he won against Terry Jenkins and Kevin McDine and then lost to Mervyn King.
Smith is known to have a problem on the big stage because of the heat. His throwing action is very unusual as he first points with the flight to the board before he turns the dart into the real throwing position with point first.

Picture with courtesy of Lawrence Lustig

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