Laura Turner
Lives in: Byfleet, England
Born at: England
Walk-On-Music: Titanium (Madilyn Bailey)
Organisation: BDO

Turner ist mit dem Dartspieler Aaron Turner verheiratet. Turner betreibt auch noch andere Sportarten sie nimmt an Triathlons teil. Laura Turner was a quite successful youth player but she did take a break from darts for a few days to return first sporadically and since mid-2016 regularly on the BDO circuit. 2018 for her was a successful year and she qualified for the BDO World Championship 2019. But she was very nervous in her debut match on the big Lakeside stage against Anastasia Dobromyslova and didn't manage to show with her usual aplomb.
Turner is married to darts player Aaron Turner and she is involved in other sport as well especially triathlon.

Picture with kind admission of Evert Zomer / BDO darts

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