John Walton
Birthday: 10. November 1961
Lives in: Sheffield, England
Born at: Bradford, England
Nickname: The Boy
Darts: 18 g handmade
Walk-On-Music: Cotton Eyed (Rednex)
Organisation: BDO

John Walton plays in the BDO since 1993 and won quite a lot of BDO tournaments over the years.
The peaks of his career so far certainly were the win of the World Masters title in 2000 and the win of the BDO World Championship in 2001.
He has taken part for the first time in the BDO World Championship in 1999. After his win of the World Championship he couldn't win any important tournaments any more and didn't get beyond the second round in this tournament but one could find him in many quarter or semi-finals of open tournaments.
2008 he started to have problems with a shoulder injury and slipped down the rankings. In 201o he recovered and could qualify for the World Championship 2011 were he and Martin Adams played one of the best ever matches of the BDO World Championship though he lost in the end 3:4 in a Sudden Death leg.

In 2001 Walton was voted BDO Personality of the year as he managed to collect more ranking points then any other BDO player ever did. In 2007 he threw the first ever Nine-Darter during the World Masters which at this time was the second Nine-Darter ever televised live.
Walton is member of the English national team and he is a full time professional.

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