Mike Warburton
Birthday: 29. November 1984
Lives in: Wrexham, Wales
Born in: Wrexham, Wales
Nickname Warby
Organisation: WDF

Welshman Mike Warburton first played mainly in local tournaments. 2009 he stood in the quarterfinals of the Gwynedd Open. 2018 he reached the semi-finals of the same event and started to take part more frequently in BDO/WDF tournaments. In the same year he could celebrate his first tournament win at the Welsh Open. 2019 he reached the final of the British Open and the semi-finals of the World Masters. 2020 he won the Isle of Man Open. 2021 Warbuton took part without success in the PDC Qualifying School but moved up in several Pro Tour Events. Beside Warburton played WDF tournaments and qualified for the WDF World Championship 2022 where he

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